TP INC.’s, DNA is purified from high quality wild Alaskan Salmon Milt. Salmon is one of the most consumed proteins globally and also the source of our DNA. Salmon milt has been also eaten for centuries with the belief of it helping to repair damaged genetic code, improve cell repair, boost growth, enhance personal beauty, improve overall health, and bring longevity.

We offer 3 products:

1. Super DNA Plus

Multivitamins Combo

Wild Alaskan Salmon Milt Extract, 1000 mg
Vitamin C, 1000 mg
Vitamin B Complex, 100 mg
Vitamin E, 20 mg
Vitamin D, 4000 IU
Bioperine, 10 mg

2. Super DNA & RNA

Wild Alaskan Salmon Milt + Brewer’s Yeast powder
Wild Alaskan Salmon Milt Extract Powder, 1g
Brewer’s Yeast Powder, 9g
100% Pure Natural, No Preservative, No Flavoring, and No additives.

3. Super DNA Plus

Lady’s Combo

Clinical studies are available.